Anki Wickison
Watercolour Artist, born & educated in Sweden.

Her natural artistic talent came to light in her school years where she was advised to pursue this talent. However, the desire to see the world first and earn money to do so left no time to advance on her artistic talent.
Anki chose Cairns to settle in 1986 but it was moving to Flying Fish Point by the sea near Innisfail in North Queensland in 1993 that gave her inspiration and time to develop her artistic talent.
Anki is self-taught, but her artistic skills also benefited from attending workshops with different renown Australian artists. Her love for  landscapes, architecture, boats and sea scenes allow the subtle use of light and shadows in her work.
In 1996 Anki moved onto a 60 foot yacht to circumnavigate Australia, the forward cabin was fitted out as her studio. Anki lived and sailed for 16 years and painted when she had time in different ports, during that time painting mainly seascapes and boats.  A lot of yacht commissions were painted and exhibited in different towns along the coasts of Australia.
She had a few years break in her painting when she moved back on land. Anki took up her painting again in 2012 when she moved to Currumbin on the Gold Coast in South East Queensland.
Anki paints mainly in Watercolours but she also works in other mediums such as Pen & Wash (ink & watercolour) and Pastel.
She has been painting in Watercolours for 29 years and is more passionate about it now than ever.
Anki has had one very successful Solo Exhibition in Hobart 2008. She also exhibited with other artists and has won three first prizes, a second prize and several highly commended awards as her recognition for her work along the Australian coast.
Anki also painted on board a cruise ship to Antarctica in 2014, her paintings were auctioned off on board the ship and the money raised Anki donated to control the “rat plague” in South Georgia, Antarctica.
Anki’s work is hanging in private homes in Australia and around the world, like Sweden, USA, Japan and Europe.

“I try to achieve a balance of harmony between tonal values, design, colour and mood. I love colour.
Watercolour with its subtle and gentle effects is a perfect medium to achieve that.
My paintings cover a wide range of subjects including boats, seascapes, landscapes, town scapes, still life’s, dogs, animals and motorbikes.
My aim is to have a mixture of styles just to show the huge variety achievable with watercolours. My personal taste is to paint realistically with a loose approach.    

My job description as an artist is to capture, interpret and possibly enhances the world around us.
My passion for travel provides a wonderful opportunity for  sketching, painting and photography. I have travelled to many parts of Europe, USA, Africa, South America and Asia.

I strive to explore the limitless possibilities watercolour painting offers and admire the endless effects that can be obtained. I paint a variety of subject matters, Plein Air from life or photos.”